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Gingerbread Man


Installation with three microprojectors, wall projection of glass slides, wall projection of 8 mm film, gingerbread cookies.

"A project dealing with activation of digestive processes. Situation created in which first a symbolically human form is slowly broken down and subjected to the linearity of the intestinal track . . . it is used to fill an internal space. . . and by emptying the stomach beforehand, this material is allowed full occupancy.  It takes over the space, forcing itself into a linear housing, and is held captive to gastric processes, additional breakdown and depletion.  Here the process of making (changes) is linked with that of a life sustaining interaction.  The residue (waste products) become the finished work

Micoprojection-Feces.  6’ diameter X 3000 enlargement.

Gingerbread material consisting of:  enriched flour, sugar, dried molasses, shortening with freshness preserver, leavening, salt, vegetable gum, spices, caramel color, was rolled into dough and shaped to resemble a human form. 

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