Early Morning Blues. 1977. 5’ diameter aluminum record fully tracked with leads to a phase shifter and stereo amplifier 10’ diameter neon hot plate with enamel pot, quadrophonic sound system.

Track #1: voice repeat Track #2: voice (intermittent) Track #3: live phase shifter from record track Track #4: record phase shifter from record  Excerpt from sound track: (repeat): 

Track #1: "Wake up, Sara, your coffee’s ready... wake up Carl, your coffee’s ready.. Lisa, it’s time to wake up now... your coffee’s ready..."

Track #2 : "It’s on the outer edge of the burner...  the idea’s on the outer edge... and it’s not yours until you travel it to the center- to the center inside the pot... it’s not your until you can pour it out in the morning...  can  you drink the thoughts you had last night... can you drink the thoughts you had last night... can you drink your thoughts this morning... can you travel it by midnight...can you travel it by 3... are you there in the morning, where you ought to be.... " Collection Winnipeg Art Gallery, Manitoba

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