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Oppenheim-Monumento al Escape - ph by Ma

Monument to Escape. 1999. Welded steel frame, steel rod, doors, windows, acrylic, cement board. 20' X 30' X 30''

" I developed this proposal as an homage to those kidnapped, disappeared and murdered by State Terrorism in Argentina. Because sculpture is physical (with idea behind structure): I have chosen to use the components of enclosure, or imprisonment as the basis of the structure... My subject is liberation and escape, rendered through cellblocks as physical structures. Otherwise mute and ineffective, in this case, cellblocks are subjected to upheaval and become abstract sculptural form, turned and twisted, loose off function. ... In defying it's own purpose, the forms are liberated and become pure art, pure statement in service only of their ability to inspire meaning."

Collection of Memorial Park, Buenos Aires.

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